My name is Brittany Bullen and I’m a Nerd. I love musicals, the Avengers and obsessively studying new ways to help my clients make more money.


I never thought that after SO many failed attempts at entrepreneurship I would finally create, my marketing company, and have the amazing opportunity to oversee over 100 incredibly talented people and serve a client base that has grown faster and larger than I ever imagined.


And let me tell you, I’m still completely awed by the fact that still, all the time we have people coming to us out of nowhere, ready to give us their business, simply because of the brand we’ve created. I’m awed by the fact that sites like Boost Blog Traffic, OptinMonster and The Huffington Post have invited me to share my demand generation strategies with their readers.
But enough about me… let’s talk about you!


Does This Sound Familiar?


Maybe you’re sick of watching your incredible products and services get lost in a sea of competitors…


Maybe you’re sick of feeling like you’re every bit as awesome as the other guys, except they’re making a lot more money than you are…


Maybe you know you have something truly fantastic to offer, but you have the sneaking suspicion that your message isn’t quite juicy enough to get the results you really want…


You’re in the right place.


If I could only use three words to describe who I am and what I do, they would be these: I’m a brand positioning expert. In other words, I help people and brands become irresistible.


What’s This “Billion Dollar Brand” Thing, Anyway?


I use the term Billion Dollar Brand to describe a brand that’s truly world-class. And no, you don’t have to be a leviathan like Facebook to have one, either. Building your Billion Dollar Brand is about creating something truly magnetic that makes your competition just fade into the background like white noise because you are now the obvious choice in your industry.


Sound interesting?

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