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How to Stand Out If Your Business is New

If you’re a new business owner, it can be a little daunting to look around at other players in your space who’ve been around for a long time and think, “how am I ever going to get to THAT level?”
I don’t have their experience, their reputation, their credentials, their email list, their authority in the industry, I’m just “little old ME!” And while YES, it does take time to build a presence, a following, a customer base, a reputation and all of those lovely things your competitors already have, you probably don’t want to have to wait FOREVER to make money, right?
Well, the good news is, you don’t actually have to.
If you know the proper way to stand out as a new business owner, you can start commanding whatever prices you want to charge and selling whatever product or service you want to sell, WITHOUT a big name, WITHOUT a list, WITHOUT a big following or any of the other stuff it’s taken your competitors YEARS to build…
…because you know what?
NONE OF THAT STUFF IS REQUIRED for you to make money.
But you DO need to have the almighty trifecta: a hungry audience, a killer offer, and a compelling sales message, right? We’ve talked about this before and to a certain extent, it should be common sense anyway.
Here’s the thing that puts the magic in the trifecta, though: you HAVE to have some sort of NEW OPPORTUNITY to offer. If what you’re doing or saying doesn’t feel NEW, if you’re just another one of many people saying, selling and offering the same thing, you’re going to have hard time getting people to pay attention to you as opposed to the people they already know, like and trust, right?
So the question is, how do you position your product or service as NEW if, well, it ISN’T all that new? After all, few products and services actually ARE totally new, right?
Well, not to worry. You don’t have to invent the next fidget spinner if you want your new business to stand out.
You know what the most unique thing about your business probably is?
If you can create stand-out content (ideally video content) that inspires, educates, demonstrates and/or entertains a specific audience in a unique way, it’s not going to matter if they’ve seen a hundred other people who sell the same thing you sell because they’re going to connect with the unique awesomeness that is YOUR PERSONALITY.
Think about it– there’s a reason there are a GAZILLION different TV shows to watch on Netflix and even MORE books to read on Amazon, even though there are really only seven basic plots, seven basic stories that just keep getting told and retold over and over again, right?
Why do we keep coming back for more?
Because there’s always a new and exciting way to TELL THAT STORY. We come back for more because we want to hear from people who entertain us, who inspire us, who help us grow and who make us FEEL things, right?
Have you ever come across a show where you fall SO in love with the characters that it gets kinda SERIOUS?
You’re like, “these are my PEEPS! This is my SHOW!” Right?
That doesn’t happen because the plot– the thing they’re offering you– is completely new and revolutionary, right? It happens because you’re connecting with the PEOPLE on camera.
That kind of connection doesn’t happen because the TV star has a super-long resume or because they have fancy acting degrees. It happens because something about WHO THEY ARE is resonating with WHO YOU ARE.
Do you get what this means?
It means that even if your business is completely new, that’s okay! You can use your unique personality, YOUR unique way of explaining things and YOUR unique perspective on the problem you solve and inject it into your videos, and if you do it just right, you can start attracting exactly the people you want to attract, who will pay EXACTLY what you want to charge, for the product or service you want to sell.
But of course, that opens up a whole new and much more complex can of worms doesn’t it?
Because I can tell you “use your personality and use video and make it feel new” all day long, but what does that even MEAN, right?
How personal should it be before it starts to distract from your sales message?
What sorts of videos do you actually need, and which are a waste of time?
How do you get those videos in front of the right people and how do you transition to the sale? When do you do that so people actually want to buy?
Of course, the answers to those questions are going to vary quite a bit depending on what you sell, but there are SOME things that are ALWAYS true, no matter HOW video marketing plays into your business model– which is why I’d like to invite you to watch another video I put together to give you the full scoop.
In that training, I’m going to show you how one of my clients got AMAZING results (like, tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of results) within just TWO WEEKS of our work together, even after she’d dropped a TON of money with other marketers who tried to help her with this EXACT SAME STUFF.
Because I’m not exception to this, guys– the stuff I teach (marketing, sales, video, paid advertising)– this stuff is not new.
BUT the way I teach it IS new, and it gets results, and I’m going to tell you why.
The thing that makes me different from other people who teach the same stuff is that I’m coming at you with a DUAL obsession for advertising and theatre.
So I don’t just help my clients run moneymaking ads, I also help them create a video marketing strategy that creates that perfect tension between the GIVE and the ASK. It’s that tension that keeps your viewers engaged enough to stick around, but also excited enough to buy stuff.
In any case, it took a whole lot more than that simple idea for this client to completely turn her marketing strategy around and get the spectacular results I mentioned, which is why I’d like to encourage you to visit
and enter your email on that page so I can send you my “Videos That Sell” training right away, Okay?
In the meantime, you stay nerdy– and may we all GO FORTH and SELL MORE STUFF!

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Isn’t it disheartening to get lost in a sea of businesses that are selling the same stuff as you?   Especially when you are just starting out?  I went through the same frustration and wasted tons of money on ads until I discovered the ONE thing that made my business STAND OUT.   And when I used it in JUST THE RIGHT WAY my business took off.  It was like magic!   Wanna know how it all works? Watch this to find out.

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