I hear this all the time: “Help! My company is growing like crazy and I want to explode my direct sales business with ads and funnels… but will they actually work for me?”

And of course, all the funnel experts will say “YES! They DO!” But me?

I’m going to say yes… and no.

On this episode of NerdyGirl TV, you’ll find out why.

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Is This You?

For network marketers, building a funnel can be a WILDLY PROFITABLE endeavor… but it takes a LOT of guts, a LOT of creativity and a LOT of patience.

Here’s why: because a lot of ad platforms (and definitely Facebook) don’t play very nicely when you try to promote business opportunities, probably because most people do it in such a gross, spammy way.

Not you, though, right? Nobody gross watches my videos. My peeps are awesome.

Anyway, I digress.

What you’ll learn in this video:


  • The truth about sales funnels no one talks about 
  • Why your sales funnels fail
  • A better way to build a sales funnel 
  • The disadvantages of being a direct seller with funnels 
  • The simplest funnel you could get 
  • The best thing to sell in your funnel

It Gets Worse…


The challenge doesn’t end there, though!


In most cases, the even BIGGER challenge is that you don’t have control over the checkout process. Depending on the company, you might have to send people to the main homepage and ask them to find the product you told them about on their own and jump through a whole bunch of weird hoops before they can complete their transaction…


Which makes it a LOT harder for them to convert!


For a funnel to be as effective as possible, you need to be able to streamline the sales process as much as possible so there are very few distractions— which is really hard to do when you can’t include your own checkout page in your funnel!

So here’s what you can DO about it:


I have been over and over this with my private clients and we’ve come up with a few possible solutions to this problem you can try:


The Half and Half Funnel


The half and half funnel will only really be effective if your company gives you the capability to find direct links to specific product pages.


Ideally, you could link to shopping carts that were already populated with the items you’re recommending in your funnel, but that’s a conversation for another day.


So basically, you’re starting the conversation in your ad, continuing that conversation on a sales page or in a sales video, and offering them a product, then having them click a button that sends them to the appropriate product page that matches your recommendation.


The “conversation” I’m mentioning here is more of the one-sided, automated variety, as opposed to your next option…

The Conversation Funnel


This option requires the least amount of tech-y stuff so if that part intimidates you, listen up.


This sort of funnel is really straightforward. Basically you create ads and/or videos with the main objective of getting people to book calls with you where you can sell them the product.


Of course the challenge there is always, how do you get people to want to talk on the phone with you— and even if you can, how do you turn those phone calls into profits?


That, my friend, could be a big long video in and of itself, but here’s a quick thought on the subject:


Quote me on this: You want a surefire way to CHEESE ME OFF? Call me on the phone.


Nobody wants to get on the phone with you. They don’t even want to get on the phone with their grandma! So if you want me to give you my number, you’d better paint me one HECK of a picture of what’s in it for me if I do.

The Separate Upsell Funnel


Another option you could try is creating your own products or services to sell in your funnel that would make sense to go WITH the product your company sells…


So that you sell your OWN stuff first, create a relationship of trust, and then offer the other products later.



These funnel possibilities can be VERY lucrative for you— IF you can use them well.


In order to do that, you’ll need a killer ad strategy, the right branding, the right messaging, the right follow up systems and a bunch of other little details that could make or break your success with this plan.


But if you’re up to the challenge, you most definitely CAN be successful… the only question is, are you?

“I’m Not Sure…”


If you’re not sure you’re quite ready for this step in your business, I totally understand. But let me tell you— even though it might sound intimidating, it is TOTALLY worth a try.




It might just be easier than you think!


If you want to find out if building a funnel is really the best next move for you, allow me to recommend a fun little resource I’d like you to try called the Strategy Generator. It’s an automated series of questions I created to guide you through the process of figuring out the one thing you MOST need to address on your road to success (I call this your “kryptonite” or your biggest weakness).


If you decide to enter the strategy generator, when you come out on the other side, you will NEVER BE THE SAME!


Just kidding. You’ll probably be about the same. BUT you will ALSO be taken to a quick video where I’ll explain what your best next move should be based on the multiple choice options you clicked.


At the end of that video, I’ll offer you a solution I created to help you solve that specific problem, which you’ll be welcome to purchase, or decline and go on about your day.


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I’m Brittany Bullen and this is NerdyGirl TV.

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