Disclosure Policy

Every blogger in the US (and, really, anywhere) should have a disclosure policy in order to comply with the FTC’s regulations. That said, it doesn’t have to be incomprehensible to the reader. Here’s what you need to know about what goes on here:


  1. We’re not a charity. Everything we publish is an effort to make us money and make your life better. As a result, we will occasionally advertise products or services we think you might enjoy.
  2. In some cases, we do this by using affiliate links, which enable us to get a commission for anything you buy from our friends (those whose products or services we like enough to recommend to you).
  3. If we ever write about a product, it’s because we like it. In some cases, we make money for telling you we like it, but we’ll always let you know if that’s the case. Not that it matters… because we wouldn’t say we liked something if we didn’t mean it. If a little money comes from that honesty, all the better!
  4. If we promote stuff on social media, it’s because we like it. If we make money from saying so, we’ll use #ad to make sure you know.
  5. If you emailĀ us, we won’t sell your information to anyone else. Ever. We might send you stuff we think you might like, and in some cases we might get a little money for telling the truth about that. (Is anyone else sensing a theme here?)
  6. Please assume that we are at all times simultaneously trying to make your life better and ours better at the same time. We believe that giving you honest information about things you’ll like is the best way to do that, so we appreciate that you’ve allowed us to do so. We promise to never do anything evil with your information because we’re really quite nice human beings and we assume you are as well. Thanks!