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Hi! I'm Brittany.

I’m here to help you create the marketing and the mindset you need to get everything you’ve always wanted.

Would you like several thousand dollars’ worth of marketing and mindset mentorship… for free??


Spend 5 hours a week for 90 days working behind the scenes with me and Team NerdyGirl, building your confidence and know-how in the well oiled machine of our super-fun and successful online business, and it’s YOURS…


Here’s why:


All the time, I hear from incredible entrepreneurs about two things: 1) how much they want to make a difference, and 2) how they wish they could afford to invest in the kind of high-quality mentorship they know they need.


One day, I was chatting with my friend Bronwen about how tough it’s been for us to keep up with the rapid growth of our community.


See, Bronwen is a HUGE affiliate marketing nerd.


Which is probably why she had this brilliant idea…


“BRITTANY!” she says to me…


“Why don’t we turn this into a win-win? We can give people your course material, they can help us serve our peeps, and I’ll mentor them and turn them into the world’s best personality marketers and affiliates!”


So we DID! And it’s been even more amazing than we ever imagined…


You're Invited

To Apply for the Team NerdyGirl “Nerdification” Program

An exclusive 90 day work-study marketing and mentorship program brought to you by Brittany Bullen and her team of fabulous nerds, Team NerdyGirl.

Here’s what some of our nerds are saying…

“When I found the Nerdification Program, I was working hard at putting myself out there, but was at a loss about what to do on a daily basis to grow my business. I felt unsure and honestly, insecure. The Nerdification program allowed me to develop the skills and more importantly, the confidence in myself and my abilities to reach and serve the people I want to work with. The resources you get are incredible, not to mention the support from your mentors and team! I no longer struggle with  what was weighing me down before and feel so capable at making my dreams come true!”

Molly R.

“The Nerdification program has given me my passion back! With zero dollars left to spend on my business and a spiral of disappointment I was ready to give up. With all of the resources within the program I learned not only about marketing and getting my business of the ground – but the CONFIDENCE in myself that I can do this. With the marketing and mindset tools that are included you will have everything you need to GROW as an entrepreneur and the confidence that you can change lives (especially your own!)”

Beth G.

“The best part of Nerdification has been the tribe of amazing people cheering each other on in our own businesses as well as working together for Team NerdyGirl. My potatoes get smashed as quickly as they come up. Somehow it is easier to do things for the team that I haven’t had the confidence to do for myself in the past. I have now created habits that carry over to my own business success. This mentorship has been invaluable for me.”

Kate H.

 What You’ll Give:


  • You’ll be spending your time helping us complete super-easy tasks pretty much ANYBODY could do (stuff like curating or scheduling social media content, pasting copy into blog posts, sending text messages to prospective clients, copying/pasting and sending emails, etc.) — that said, if you’ve got a particular area of expertise you’d like to use or gain and there’s something specific you want to do for us, we’ll be all ears! We love discovering your hidden talents and letting you follow your nerdiness in the direction of work that’s a win-win for everybody!
  • Be an active member of our community, engaging on social media, answering questions, directing people to the resources that best suit their needs if you notice them looking lost
  • Chat with your fellow nerds to stay plugged in and connect as a tight knit team
  • Track your time and report back to the team weekly so we can make sure everything’s getting done and so we know when you’ve qualified for all the course content you’ll be getting when you’re done!

What You’ll Get:


  • Monthly group coaching calls with Brittany for each month you’re in the program
  • Hands-on Personality Marketing and sales experience designed to help you move past nervousness into ease and confidence
  • Access to 1 on 1 coaching from Brittany via Facebook messenger EVERY Saturday!
  • 3 months of weekly group coaching on sales, success, money and mindset from Brittany’s right hand gal, Bronwen (a $2997 value)

SPOILER ALERT: After 60 hours of super nerdy goodness, we’re gifting you our $997 VIP Marketing Course Bundle, which includes LIFETIME membership to the Success Society!

  • In that community, you’ll get personalized feedback from Brittany, her community and the team on any and all marketing assets you’d like us to review (a $4997 value)
  • You’ll also have access EVERY OTHER WEEK to participate in one of Brittany’s troubleshooting threads in the Success Society, so you can ask a question and Brittany will respond with a video answer the following week (a $4997 value)
  • Unlimited access to our marketing and mindset “hotline” on Facebook Messenger (a $2997 value)


Here’s what you’ll get in the VIP Bundle when your 60 hours are up:


  • Video Marketing Machine (everything you ever wanted to know about video marketing, webinars, ads, content marketing and funnels) (a $997 value)
  • Social Selling Systems (copy and paste the exact checklists, script templates and workflows I use every day in my business (a $197 value)
  • Video Marketing Quick Start Guide (the “getting started” guide to video marketing, covering how to plan, script, shoot, edit and distribute powerful marketing videos) (a $197 value)
  • My “Four Selling Systems” Training Manual (the step-by-step, ADVANCED guide to marketing automation that my private clients are using and investing tens of thousands to learn) (a $1997 value)
  • E-Sanity (the perfect audio course for new business owners– covers marketing, mindset, work/life balance, sales, blogging– almost 30 action-packed audio modules you can listen to on the go!) (a $197 value)
  • Video walkthrough of how to take Brittany’s digital courses and translate them into a thriving thought leading, affiliate marketing, coaching career! (a $1997 value)
  • Resources and coaching to help you with credit repair, if needed (PRICELESS)
  • .. and some super-fun surprises you’ll find out about when you’re on the inside!





Stick with us through the full 90 days and if you want to, you can even promote YOUR OWN business on Brittany’s Facebook business page!


PLEASE NOTE: We also are looking for people with lots of enthusiasm, who are super dependable, have a positive attitude and great communication skills…


And, of course, people who LOVE to get nerdy about marketing and mindset, who are on a mission to make the world a better place.


Does that sound like you?


If so, apply now and we’ll see you on the inside!

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for our Super-Exclusive Team NerdyGirl “Nerdification” Program

An exclusive 90 day work-study marketing and mentorship program brought to you by Brittany Bullen and her team of fabulous nerds, Team NerdyGirl.