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Your Marketing

and/or your Mindset?


Here’s how I can help…


FACT: Two of the MOST IMPORTANT skills you can master if you want to be successful are a) mindset and b) marketing


I’d like to help you with both.


Here’s how it works:

1. You tell me what you want to do for people 
2. I tell you exactly how to market and sell it 
3. You go do the things and we optimize and improve your results from there!

Here are a few of the results my past clients have created during our time together:

❤️ Cut their lead cost in half (another client cut hers by over 80%)
❤️ Increased profitability by 10x 
❤️ Tripled their income while working a fraction of the hours
❤️ Finally figured out what makes them truly happy
❤️ Rallied an entire city around a worthy cause
❤️ Went from zero to their first six figures in a single year (actually, come to think of it, I’ve helped several people do this)!

Sometimes it’s a mere matter of tweaking an ad here or a funnel there…

Sometimes we’re starting from scratch…

But the two things that tie all of these lovely success stories together?

My two favorite subjects, baby!



Here’s How We Created Those Results…

The following are the steps I’ll coach you through when you’re a client ?


Every great success story begins with building a solid foundation. After you click the pink button and hire me to coach you, we’re going to spend your first couple of calls getting incredibly clear about your goals, so that we can help you make sure you’re moving in the right direction. We’ll dive right in to improving your current strategy to make sure it perfectly suits your needs and the needs of the people you serve. We’ll look at things like your business structure, audience, team, offerings and goals to make sure you have a rock-solid platform to build on.

STEP 2: BUILD OUT YOUR SELLING SYSTEMS                        

With your foundation in place, we’ll refine and/or build the 4 fundamental “selling systems” your business needs:

A system for turning strangers into friends, for turning friends into leads, for turning leads into buyers and for turning buyers into repeat buyers and loyal advocates.

Once we’ve outlined your selling systems, it’ll be time for you to build them. You’ll receive in-depth training materials that will enable you to easily write, design, and set up every aspect of your customer journey, one step at a time.

Best of all?

You should able to get significant results from your selling systems even without spending a cent on ads.

That said, paid advertising certainly does have a way of accelerating things, which is why we’ll be moving on to…


Now that your selling systems are up and running, it’s time to start filling them with your perfect prospects. During this stage, we’ll help you craft and launch your primary stage of ads, which will shortly be followed by the secondary (retargeting) stage. This is where things will start to get even MORE fun, because it will be very easy to see how well people are responding to your message…

…and, with my help, the response is almost always quite favorable… 😉

Never run an ad before? No problem. By the time we’re finished, the Facebook ads manager will be your new best friend. When you know you’re sending the right message to the right person, lead generation becomes as easy as breathing. No more attracting tire-kickers. No more struggle and no more hustle– just FUN!


Once your selling systems are properly in place and your paid lead generation strategy is dialed in, it’s time to take things to the next level. We’ll dream up engaging new ways for you to show up online to nurture and convert more buyers, and I’ll help you implement some simple, affordable PPC ad strategies to get your content out in front of the perfect people at the perfect place and time.

Trust me: you don’t need a huge audience to build an extremely successful business. You just need to build trust over time with a smaller audience. By the end of this final step, you’ll know exactly how to create and promote content that turns your audience into raving fans and loyal advocates. The kind of social media presence you’ll be building will enable you to create the influence and the income that you need for your business to thrive.

So, what do you think? Will you let me OBSESS about your success?

Want a bit more proof that I'm legit? No problem! ??

    The entire course of my business(es) has shifted, I have teams running them now, so I am out of the hamster wheel, and I can focus on what makes my SOUL happy! Which (I discovered at Brittany’s event) is actually writing, speaking, and traveling.



    I'm off the hourly rates treadmill, my income is no longer limited by the number of workable hours in a month. I have a team that will take care of everything in my absence. And both of these exist because of my work with Brittany.



    After hiring four different marketers and spending $25,000 of dollars with them and getting ZERO return, I was jaded to say the least. Then almost overnight, I worked with Brittany and had a consistent way to create clients that feels natural! It feels so good for me to move forward in my business with total consistency.



    When I first joined Brittany’s gang, I was celebrating my first sale of $400 from a $20 ad. I was so nervous, I had nothing set up, no shopping cart or way to pay! It was such a new world for me, video, course development, online automations, sales and the list went on. I remember watching Brittany’s video in the middle of the night, on the verge of breakdown and wanting to give up.

    A year later, with combination of support from Brittany and lots of hard work, I have gone from doing a happy dance about making $400 and having a team of 10, to making over $120,000 and a team of 68.

    In addition to this I launched a second business where in four months I have made $40,000 and become a strategic advisor raising $25,000 for a health clinic I manage in Kenya!



    I had spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to get a funnel up and running. I had done it and redone it a couple of times, but at the end of the day, it didn’t feel like the right thing for me and for my people. 

    Brittany really took the time to understand my business and my clients. It was a completely different approach from what I had experienced before. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this woman. If you’ve been thinking about hiring her, just do it!



    What made these results so good?


    My superpower is helping my clients see and embrace what makes them awesome, and turn their happiness into powerful, entertaining content that sells in a way that feels really really authentic and good.

    And you know what the coolest thing is?


    The amazing humans you see here are JUST GETTING STARTED.


    When I’m finished coaching you, I want you to have a solid set of entrepreneurial skills you’ll be able to take to the bank over and over for the rest of your life.

    Not just that, but I want you to be so deeply IN LOVE with your business, yourself and your life that NOTHING can stop you!

    If that appeals to you, I’d be honored if you’d click the button at the bottom of this page and get in touch now.

    Hope to talk soon!