My name is Brittany Bullen and I'm the owner of There, we connect business owners to teams of freelancers to help with a variety of marketing tasks... but here's what keeps me up at night. 


While the mechanics of what we do tend to be the same across the board, the results vary... a LOT.


We have some clients who do incredibly well, and some who... well... not so much.


That makes me sad.


It's sad to see great people fail in business, and what I've discovered is that in the end, it almost always comes down to brand positioning. That's why I'm so passionate about educating people like you about how to use proven brand positioning methods to have massive success-- simply by telling stories that sell.


That's what my free video course, the 3 Step System to Creating Brand Stories That Sell, is all about.


If you sign up now, you'll find out:


1. How Lady Gaga built the world's most passionate fan base (and how you can use the same techniques to do the same)


2. Why marketing "the old way" isn't working any more, and what we HAVE to start doing instead in order to survive


3. The (somewhat questionable) strategy The Chive used to build a multimillion dollar lifestyle brand out of nothing


4. How I used these exact brand positioning strategies at NerdyGirl (totally by accident!) and started attracting eager-to-buy clients FOR FREE online


5. Why Trivago almost lost 100% of their brand loyalty on a simple costuming mistake (and the TOTALLY GENIUS way they fixed it)


...and a whole lot more!


So, if you want to learn how to failure-proof your business by telling stories that sell, I sincerely hope you'll sign up for my free video course now!